Q Lighting Limited - Plumen



Plumen believe that by creating beautiful, efficient light bulbs, we will inspire the world to switch to sustainable lighting. Bringing design without compromise to everyone. Plumen was founded because we couldn’t believe the humble light bulb – the very symbol of new ideas – hadn’t really evolved in almost 150 years. This $100Bn industry lacked a bulb that excited people about energy efficiency, so we challenged ourselves to create one. We radically rethought the CFL bulb with our Original 001 lamps and brought fresh thinking to LEDs with our 002 LED. We’ve recently launched a range of filament LED lamps called WattNott and our latest flagship lamp, the Plumen 003, is making waves across the world. There’s much more to come from Plumen with several exciting products in the pipeline.

Estimated delivery between 2 – 3 weeks on receipt of order.