Acrobat Table Lamp (Grey / Sand / Aubergine / Black)


Marc Venot

LED, plastic, Magnetic Base and acrylic diffuser

Winner of German Design Award 2017

The Normann Copenhagen Acrobat is an oblong shaped table lamp with a playful, friendly and futuristic feel inspired by acrobats and the amazing things they can do physically without losing their balance. The lamp consists of two parts: a cone-shaped base and an oblong LED light source that are held together only by magnets. This allows Acrobat to adopt almost magical positions that surprise the viewer and challenge the traditional idea of an adjustable lamp.

Acrobat has a minimalistic expression and its intelligent design means that it can be used both as a direct and indirect source of lighting. Acrobat is suitable as a desk lamp or to create atmospheric lighting, depending on how the lamp is placed on its base. The transparent diffuser has a matt finish enabling Acrobat to spread a soft, diffused light and making it ideal for creating a calm and cozy atmosphere in the room.



Product name: Acrobat Table Lamp
Colours: Grey, sand, aubergine or black
Material: Plastic, Magnetic Base and acrylic diffuser
Dims: (h)16.5cm x (d)6cm x (l)44.4cm
Weight: 2.05kg

The lamp consist of two separate parts which are held together by a strong magnet. It contains a 2m long cord with a switch.

No. Lamps: 1
Lamp base: Built-in 6,5 watt LED
Lap life: 30000 – 50000 hours

Clean with damp cloth

Caution! The lamp and its base both contain strong magnets, which may interfere with electronic equipment. People with pacemaker, defibrillator, or other implanted medical devices should keep a safe distance to the lamp and its base. Consult your place of treatment if you have any doubts about whether your equipment could be affected. Avoid placing credit cards or sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, mobile phones, or other devices, which could be affected by magnets near the lamp or its base.

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