Residential projects

The vast majority of our projects are residential, so to gauge what level of involvement is required from us, we offer our clients a ‘guideline’ of packages, and then tailor our services to suit the requirements of every individual scheme. The cost for each is set depending on the scale of the project and what information is readily available for us to work with i.e AutoCAD plans etc.

Our ‘residential’ packages…

Basic package
The overall expenditure of this package is variable, so that the client can opt for ‘add-ons’ as the scheme develops if he/she decides to.*
For this package we produce the basic reflected ceiling plans (for design intent only), along with unlimited sets of revisions whilst in the design stage (within reason and doesn’t include site revisions), along with a quotation to supply the lighting equipment; this includes all of the relevant information to use as guideline, should you decide to procure the equipment elsewhere.
* We will list the chargeable extras at the time of quoting.

Intermediate package
If you would prefer to know exactly how much you will be spending on each area of expertise upfront, this option may be better suited to you.
This package includes unlimited sets of revisions before and during the installation (within reason), wiring drawings, a detailed specification booklet, a full quotation to supply the lighting equipment, along with one client meeting / site visit, which we would usually advise should take place before we commence work on the scheme, so that we can get a feel for your likes/dislikes etc.*
* Please advise us beforehand, should you required multiple site visits.

Complete package
This option includes all of the services listed in the ‘intermediate package’ but also allows for 2D/3D lighting calculations – these are a great tool for ensuring that the correct lux levels are achieved, as well as for visualising the scheme.*
* This package is more suited to larger scale residential schemes and commercial projects.

To respect our residential customers privacy, we never publish photographs on our website unless we have written permission to do so.